Moving Image Art London

© Lawrence abu Hamden – still from  film Rubber Coated Steel (2016)

Moving image art and the human condition

If you are keen to be illuminated on moving image art and how it might shed light on the human condition this website could be what you are looking for. If you want to get an overview on contemporary art there are many other websites but the MI artworld is where I have pitched my tent. The genre variously tagged as video art, artist’s film and moving image art is burgeoning so I need to limit my critical bandwidth.

Holistic vs atomistic

Art can generate multiple associations. These links will often convey something about our humanity. Artists often tap into the zeitgeist in a way that other artforms cannot so the political and social implications of the art will often be the starting point for my writing. Other artforms and disciplines including music, literature, science, psychology, anthropology and philosophy will be added to the mix as ideas do not respect boundaries and a holistic view is always preferable to an atomistic view if we are hoping to get a grip on the question of what it means to be human.

Focus on emerging talent

I have tracked the development of leading figures such as David Blandy, Mark Wallinger, Stan Douglas, Isaac Julien and Tacita Dean over the past 20 years but I am more interested in spotting the artists who are going to grab the mantle from them in the near future. I have been privileged to follow the emerging talent of many young artists including Lawrence abu Hamden, Imran Perretta, Ruth Waters, Sam Austen, and Alice May Williams whose work is so engaged with the issues we face as a species in the 21st century. Student degree shows especially Goldsmiths University and relevant Awards such as the Jerwood and Jarman will be covered in depth. Where artists have generously uploaded their videos for public viewing I will provide links but please consider offering a donation to them. The vast majority of moving image artists are not able to sell their works as limited editions and there are scarce sources of other financial support.

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