Moving Image Arts London


You have alighted upon a website that is dedicated to moving image artworks showing in London. If you want to get an overview of all the contemporary art forms there are many other websites to visit but the MI artworld is where I have pitched my tent.

As an avid follower of moving image art for many years this blog is an outlet for my musings on the exhibitions and art events I have enjoyed and a ongoing record of those that have failed inspired me . Usually I will be posting my thoughts while the exhibition is still running so if you are in London you can pick up on what might be worth a visit. I aim to post weekly depending on the time it takes to gather my thoughts into a coherent form.

Sometimes given the sheer volume of new shows and the short duration of some of them it maybe that some will have closed by the time I post my review. I will always try to give links to artworks that are also available online so you can check them out without a gallery visit. When the exhibition is very extensive I will write about out only those works that have had an impact on me .

Most of the comments you will find here are positive. As an ex-teacher I’m not really a fan of damning criticism. If I cannot find something useful to say about a work or an exhibition it will not make the cut. However I do have certain bete noirs that will  be highlighted: narcissism and pretension will get a passing swipe but signs of honesty, humility and humour in an artwork will always be on my radar.  My degree studies were in biology, psychology and social anthropology not art, but I am self-taught in art critical theory even though much of its language irritates me. However art that relates to a wider cultural context is an essential component for me so political and social implications of the artworks will often be the starting point for my writing. I will strive for accuracy and objectivity  even if this is impossible to achieve in practice.

I am drawn to publicising young, unknown and/or emerging artists to try to give them some support in launching their careers. So degree shows at London art colleges and MI awards like the Jerwood will be an important feature of this blog. I will also unapologetically prioritise any exhibitions of my favourite MI artists including Tacita Dean, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearting, David Blandy and William Kentridge.



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